The weekend went much too quickly (in fact, I can’t recall that statement ever being untrue). I took Lady to her first obedience class Saturday morning, and she was quite the model student. I’m not sure that she would be a contender for dog prodigy of the year, but she’s definitely got potential. 

My animal-loving co-worker Tracy told me about the obedience school last week, and I signed Lady up immediately. Tracy and her husband Mark have three dogs, four cats, a parrot, and a rabbit, so I was abundantly confident in her recommendation, even though I didn’t understand the school’s name when she told it to me. “Paws and Effect” doesn’t really make sense until you see it written down. Even then, you have to think about it.

I am now proud owner of a Cocker Spaniel who sits on command. We practiced all day Sunday with an abundance of her favorite doggie treats (those little chewy bits that look like pepperoni rolls), and by that evening, she was a pro. It completely spoiled her dinner, but I doubt she minded.

While sitting is quite the accomplishment, I am greedily anticipating the day when Lady is completely toilet trained. Can you imagine going up and down four flights of stairs every hour to walk your dog? It is not my favorite thing. What’s worse, my good-looking new neighbor has been out of town for a while (yes, I noticed) so I haven’t been able to use it as an excuse to bump into him. Sad, indeed.

It’s especially sad because I have been practicing what I’ll say to him if I do happen to meet him while I’m taking her out. Option A: “Hi, I’m Mary Lee. My dog really seems to like you. What’s your name?” Boring, I know. And the “What’s your name?” part sounds kindergartner-esque. But at least it won’t take much to remember it. The only problem could be if Lady doesn’t seem to like him (which I can’t imagine, if she has any taste at all).

Option B: “Hi. My name is Mary Lee. Are you new to the building?” A bit more natural, but it doesn’t take advantage of the cute dog that will undoubtedly be chasing him up the stairs. And it’s just as boring as the first option. If there is any way that I do NOT want to sound, it is boring.

Any ideas? I am desperately in need of something that will make me appear interesting, smart, and funny. Perhaps I should just bake him a pie.